Downtown Los Angeles, January 2019

This scene occurred around 11 pm at a discount market in Downtown, Los Angeles. A woman is torn to the ground by a man as she leaves the supermarket. Her screaming echoes across the entire intersection, attracting the attention of pedestrians. Irritation and consternation spread, the situation is opaque. Several pedestrians turn directly to the man and ask for clarification why he is taking violent action against the woman. It turns out that the man is a department store detective and the woman was caught stealing.

A cluster of people forms around the scenery. Everyone is trying to de-escalate, everyone is discussing sensibly. Only the woman on the floor screams and pedals. A young man calls the police, who soon arrives and takes over the situation. While the woman is handcuffed, passers-by and the store detective discuss the adequacy of his actions. All begging and pleading do not help, the woman is taken away.